5 Workout Mistakes to Avoid

Do not Work out by the Numbers

Stats can consume your efforts and enthusiasm to reaching your goal as intended. You have to ask yourself, what is more important completing your goal or how your gadget coaches you to get there? I am sure it is reaching the goal. I know would be less important for me to know that I am running slower than my normal pace, if I will achieve my weight loss goals. According to instructors, you may have to put away your fitness wearable and take your control back. You want to focus on how you feel. You should be less dependent on your fitness gadget, and you may achieve better results. It has been shown if you manually log information while dieting, you may lose more weight than a person using a tracking device to monitor their progress.

Take Your Perfect Instagram Shot After the Workout

Your body and results may lead you to feel you are primed and ready for an Instagram moment; therefore, you pause your workout session to take a picture. You can have your photo speak volumes, but it could be done after the workout. You want your heart rate up. I would tend to agree with trainer, Adam Rosante, he believes you should put the phone down and increase your pace. This is good start to increase your heart rate. An increased heart rate helps you shed the pounds. I am sure stopping to take the perfect picture is not going to increase your heart rate, and it may mess with your psyche that could throw off your rhythm of a good workout.

Too Much Partying in the Club Does Not Help the Workout

The quickest way to undo your effort in the gym is the empty calories gained from one too many cocktails. You hit the club or pub after the workout, you could impact your sleep cycle in bad ways you could not imagine. It is not only your sleep cycle, but your muscle repair can be hindered by the refreshing cocktail you have. Muscle repair cannot happen without protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is reduced by alcohol consumed in large quantities, and you do not want such results. The beer you have could also dehydrate you as well. It is good to know if you exercise for 10 to 40 minutes, it can help empower you to say no to a cocktail.

Restless and Sleepless Nights is Not Helpful

Sleepless nights do not help you gain positive results from the gym. You need about seven to nine hours to ensure your muscles are rejuvenated properly. According to ndhealthfacts.com, cell repair occurs during deep sleep. The lack of sleep and having a good workout the next day would be like trying to run a 6-minute mile while running backwards. You would not achieve the best results without the required amount of sleep.

Did You Know Too Much Protein Causes Weight Gain?

I probably would rant and rave about how well a high-protein diet could be until, I found out some shocking news. If your protein consumption exceeds the recommended amount for your weight and gender, it could cause dehydration. There are other factors to determine the recommended amount of protein, and the factors are your activity, age, and diet. You not only could become dehydrated from too much consumption of protein, but it could cause your kidneys to work extra hard. According to Lisa Moskovitz, the CEO of New York Nutrition Group, the body cannot store protein as easy as it could store carbohydrates. A prolonged consumption of high protein could increase your chances of gaining weight.

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