Ball Joint Press: An Easy Guide for Beginners

Ball joint press is the most important tool when it comes to replacing and installing a ball joint of a vehicle. It can be used in many ways, and it is a “MUST” tool for every automotive mechanic and even for every vehicle user. It can be compared to a sword or a gun in a war that you might not want to go without it.

Ball joint press can be used in installing and removing ball joints, truck anchor pins, joint studs, universal joints, tie rods, and other specialized jobs. It is a very useful tool and usually compatible with a lot of vehicles. Having this tool is really an advantage for anyone.

It is recommendable for any person who owns a vehicle or a mechanic to invest in a quality ball joint press toolset. In fact, it will be hard for anyone to do the procedure of removing and installing the ball joints without the help of a ball joint press.

Before we discuss the qualities of a good ball joint press and the things to consider when buying it, let us have a little talk about ball joints and why it is important for vehicle owners to be knowledgeable about it.

A ball joint is a connection that is flexible, and it allows movement of the two parts of that connection in more than one direction at the same time. The knuckle where the wheel is attached to is supported top and bottom by an upper and lower ball joint.

When you drive, the tire hits bumps so your vehicle must have the ability for the suspension system to move up and down. The ball joints can do that. The ball joints allow the wheels to be turned and to move up and down and to do all these things at the same time.

As the owner of the vehicle, you need to be active in taking care of the ball joints to make it last longer before asking for a replacement. The best thing that you can do is to make sure that the chassis is lubricated properly. This is going to minimize friction.

The ball joints keep the car driving in a straight line. If they are worn out, the car will begin to lose control while driving and could cause you an accident. In addition, worn ball joints can cause excessive wear on the tires. You might not want that to happen to you and your vehicle, right?

Then this is where the ball joint press’ role becomes really important. Getting a ball joint press is very important to adjust or change your ball joints when necessary. It will allow you to replace it immediately so you can prevent any further accident from happening.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying Ball Joint Press

Ball Joint Press


Ball joints are available in different models that is why it is pretty challenging for anyone to choose the best ball joint press. There are also a lot of available ball joint press tool sets in the market and online. To help you in choosing a quality and good ball joint press, here are some things you must consider before buying one.


The quality, design, and the size of the ball joint press will define its portability. You must choose the size that will fit easily on your vehicle so that you will have easy access to it whenever you need to use it. For the quality and the design, it must have complete parts and make sure it comes with a case with a handle. With these, you can organize it right after and it will be easy to carry and store.


Although you must consider the price, investing in a quality and fully functional ball joint press will be worth it. You can save money and time when you buy a quality one instead of buying it again and again. It is also more practical than buying different tool sets that have the same function with the ball joint press. Remember that quality and function must not be sacrificed when considering the price.

Versatility and Compatibility

Before you buy any tool, you must consider if it is compatible with the part or parts of your vehicle where you are going to use it. If it is not compatible, then it will be a waste. It must also be versatile enough and can be used in many ways. In short, it must be all-around.


All of us want tools that are long-lasting. Not only because we want to utilize its use to its maximum, but also to save money and have less hassle. Make sure that the ball joint press you will buy is made of quality materials. Most mechanics prefer heavy-duty forged steel because it is durable and can be used on bigger vehicles.

How to Use a Ball Joint Press

This is a step-by-step guide on how to use the ball joint press. In order for any tool to last long, you must use it properly. It will also prevent you from getting hurt when fixing your vehicle and avoid unwanted damages on the vehicle’s parts.

Equipment you will need:

  • A new ball joint
  • Snap ring pliers
  • C-clamp
  • Break clean
  • Compressed air
  • Wire brush
  • Penetrating fluid

Step by Step Guide on how to use a Ball Joint Press:

  1. First, you need to park your vehicle in an open space with an even surface. Make sure that the place is safe and secure for you to work on.
  2. Second, lift your vehicle. Use a car jack to lift the front end of your vehicle or any available tool that has the same function.
  3. Remove the front wheels from your vehicle.
  4. Prepare the C-clamp of your vehicle.
  5. Make sure to remove any snap ring with the snap ring pliers.
  6. Remove the brake caliper, the lower support bolts, and the tie-rod end.
  7. Then carefully remove the upper control arm, and then you are totally ready to release the ball joint from your vehicle.
  8. Make sure to clean the ball joint with the wire brush, brake clean, and the compressed air once you are ready to press it.
  9. You will also need to apply penetrating fluid so that you can remove the ball joint instantly and easily.
  10. Arrange the C-clamp.
  11. Then put the ball joint press on the control arm. Make sure to not touch it to the ball joint.
  12. Put the C-clamp in the middle top of the ball joint and turn it by using a breaker bar until the ball joint gets released.
  13. Tighten the threaded shaft using a socket and ratchet.
  14. Remove the old ball joint and get ready to install the new one.
  15. To the new ball joint, you need to support the bottomless cup of the ball joint press.
  16. Again, tighten the threaded shaft, and you are ready to put the new ball joint in your vehicle.
  17. After putting the new ball joint into place, make sure to check the joints carefully.

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