Saving Ideas for Tiny Bathrooms

Time to Reinvent Your Tiny Bathroom With These Great Saving Ideas

I know all about using a small bathroom, after all, I used one for over 30 years. You can make a small bathroom work, contrary to popular belief. You just need to know how to make the space bigger.

1) You can do what the Europeans do. You can create a wet bath. A wet bath includes a sink on the side, a showerhead over the toilet, and a drain in the middle. Some use a shower curtain to divide the room and others do not. The curtain in the middle is there to make sure water does not explode onto the toilet. You can use a tie back to secure it to the wall. The choice is yours. You can see pictures of this example right here.

2) You can save space by installing a mounted toilet on the wall. This example is another idea that the Europeans use a lot. You save a lot of space underneath and on the sides that way. These toilets are very sturdy, once they are installed correctly. Now you will need to get used to not having the center pedestal and the center tank, but you will get there.

3) There is the compact shower stall. This one lies somewhere between the tradition shower and the wet bath idea. The upside to this is that the room will feel bigger. The downside is that the wall will give you a sense of being divided. You can view some of the example pictures here.

4) The next option is called a flat mirror with a narrow sink. There are two upsides to using this option. You get a slimmer profile which expands the space inside the bathroom. The narrow sink will also give the bathroom more space when compared to the fat mirror you already have in there.

5) There is something called a teardrop-shaped sink. How many of you are working in a confined space? I can relate to that because I used to deal with the sharp curves too. You cannot do much of anything in there, can you? Add some curves to your bathroom sink. You get a space-saver and a focal point. We call that “killing two birds with one stone.”

Click here for some pictures of this bathroom. Unfortunately, the pictures are in green. Sorry, guys. Pay attention to the architecture of the bathroom, not the putrid color.

6) You can choose a water fountain style sink. You take a single basin sink and a single, gooseneck faucet and you are done. That is it. You can find the pictures of the sink here.

7) You can have the sliding door option. You see this one a lot on houseboats. The sliding doors save on space. This option is very cool to look at. You can save a lot of time, money and room by choosing this option.

8) The shower in a barrel sounds just like it sounds. You take a barrel and surround it with shower curtains. You will need to clean out the barrel after every use. Click here to see some pictures of what it looks like.

9) You can turn extra shelves into storage. Remove the old junk you are storing up there and put your towels there. It is simple and easy.


Now you can reinvent your bathroom into something new with these options. Pick what you like and make it your own. You might be surprised at how much space you actually do save.

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