These Eight Gifts Won’t Leave Your Freezing Friend Out In The Cold

Every person knows someone who is perpetually cold. This person may always be shivering or wrapped in layers upon layers of clothing. You know the person, it may be in the mid 70’s outside and everyone else is sporting short sleeves but this friend is wearing a sweater or hoodie. Gift buying for the constantly cold person doesn’t have to be boring. There are many fun gifts that will warm a cold person’s soul and make them appreciate your warm thoughtfulness.

1) Lasko Ceramic Bathroom Heater:

This heater is a humble $35 and can be found at bed bath and beyond. This wonderful and compact heater is wonderful for small spaces such as office cubicles, bathrooms or small dens. This heater has a built in safety feature just in case your cold friend is also a forgetful friend. After about an hour of use the Lasko Heater will automatically shut off. This compact heater is designed with both high and low settings.

2) Snookiz Microwave Heated Faux Suede Women’s Booties:

For those who are truly cold all the time this gift is perfect. These booties can be found on amazon for about $25 and provide more warmth than traditional house slippers. Just as the name suggests, these slippers can be microwaved to add more warmth to cold feet. These are wonderful for the cold person who just came in from sledding, shoveling or a brisk winter walk. Instant warmth is provided after a quick turn in the microwave with these wonderful booties.

3) Therapedic Silky Plush Warming Blanket:

This smart blanket keeps both the cold and warm blooded in mind. The Therapedic warming blanket comes with a remote setting so one side can be set to a warmer temperature than the other side. This blanket comes in various sizes so it can accommodate a couch as a basic throw blanket or it can be used on a bed as a traditional cover. The Therapedic Silky Plush Warming Blanket can be found from Bed Bath and Beyond and ranged in price from $80-$180.

4) Belted Cardigan:

For the friend who is always cold and wants to live in a robe but has to go to work. Target sells stylish belted cardigans for about $35 and they come in both solids and prints. These warm cardigans are perfect for the friend who is always cold and wants to be reminded of bed and home while out and about.

5) Ultra Light Down Jacket:

Who wouldn’t want a jacket that can layered? This jacket is the perfect gift for cold and warm people alike. Uliqlo sells this ultra light jacket for about $60 and it can be worn alone by those who simply need one jacket or it can be worn under a heavier jacket for those who are constantly chilly.

6) Earmuff Headphones:

$28 from freepeople will provide the cold music lover in your life a warm song for their heart. These stylish earmuffs will allow your friend to stay warm while listening to their favorite songs.

7) 12-Volt Infra-Heat Massage Cushion:

This warm cushion is portable so it is ideal for cold people on the go. Your cold friend can get a comfortable jolt of warmth at work or home with this $37 heated cushion. The best feature is that it is sold by Amazon which makes gift giving simple and speedy.

8) Hothand Hand Warmers:

These little packets of instant warmth are ideal gifts for cold people. Hothands are compact and can be kept in cars, purses, pockets or desk drawers and used whenever your frosty fingers need some warming. Hothands are sold nearly everywhere but can be found for about $6 for a pack on amazon.

With such a wide variety of gifts ranging from as low as $6 and as high as $180 there is a gift for every price point of cold friend. Friends can rest assured that whether they are seeking practical, electronic, stylish or quirky they are sure to find their frigid friend a gift that will warm their heart.

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