Top 6 Splendid Side Dish Ideas for Your Next Holiday Event

Your health is in your hands!!! It’s up to you to determine the future for your loved ones and many generations to come. Often time those around you will mimic you. So having great side dishes to boost not only your life span and health, but the health of those around you, helps immensely. Wondering what are great side dishes that can do the trick in not only giving you the satisfying feast but also get your friends and loved ones talking positively? Well in this article we’ll go over Six astounding side dishes that will do just that.

The six side dishes for holiday events:

1) Right off the bat, the first dish we’ll cover is Roasted Carrots that includes Citrus Dressing to give it extra residual flavor that lasts longer. This kind of dish really boosts your intake of vitamin A. If you or a loved one has an infection with your body fight against it, definitely go this route and have yourself the dish. You’ll see results and the ingredients aren’t difficult to obtain.

The ingredients range from olive oil, orange juice, pistachios, lime juice, black pepper, shallots, cilantro and a decent amount of carrots depending on the serving size. Calories simply cap at one hundred and two.

2) The second impressive side dish that’ll be covered is the classical Sweet potato and apple casserole. During stressful times that go down over the holidays, this dish will definitely help you and your loved ones relax and keep blood pressure from messing with the holiday spirit. This extravagant dish is for all the kindred souls who crave something sweet, without all of the crazy amounts of sugar.

What you’ll need to make this dish are eggs, red or green apples, molasses, almonds, nutmeg, salt, sweet potatoes, cinnamon and allspice. This dish is great for thanksgiving and even Christmas so consider using it for future holiday events.

3)For the third side dish, we’ll go over the Cauliflower Gratin. There are many benefits to this medicinal dish. What are these benefits? Well you can avoid having heart problems. It’ll prevent cancerous cells from developing and you won’t even have to worry about diabetes in the slightest.

The ingredients are flour, horseradish, leeks, whole-wheat bread crumbs, olive oil, pecorino Romano, Cauliflower of course, proscuitto and finally salt and peppers. This all comes together to create a powerful potency of vitamin C.

4) As for the fourth dish, Bacony Beet Greens comes sliding right in. This is a crazy dish for sure. You don’t only get one or two nutritional benefits. No, you get Iron, nutrients, fibers, vitamins A, C and K along with calcium too. What more can you ask for?! This packs the punch and will serve as a great breakfast and keep your energy supply replenished around the clock. You’ll definitely find yourself energized.

For this dish you’ll just need red onion, garlic, beet greens, salt, bacon, dates, balsamic vinegar and most importantly pomegranate juice to really solidify the texture.

5) Entering the fifth dish spot, Kale – Quinoa Stuffing comes in. If you’re looking for an important source of Vitamin D beside other close places at home, you can set this dish up. It’ll supply you with all the Vitamin D you seemingly haven’t been able to find elsewhere.

Only batch of ingredients you’ll have to bring together are eggs, kale, black pepper, onion, parsley, garlic, thyme, chicken broth, pecans, rosemary, celery, olive oil, veggie broth, quinoa and mushrooms. Simple enough and truly worth it.

6) Finally we have the last, sixth dish. This dish is the Roasted Squash Salad. If you don’t want to take the other dishes when it comes to nutrients and preventing cancer and such diseases, go for this one. Your chances of developing cancer will decrease tremendously. It does what the other two do, except it’s all in one particular dish.

The essential ingredients for this dish will be olive oil, winter salad greens, chili powder, butternut squash, Dijon mustard, salt, cayenne, cumin, dried cranberries, cider vinegar, pumpkin seeds and maple syrup. These are ingredients that you can go out and enjoy gathering with the family. It’s recommended that you do a scavenger hunt and have some fun with it. Hope you enjoyed this amusing article and good luck!!!!

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